Common Questions About Our Services

Who films the video?

All videography work for Values Outreach is completed by college-aged interns who volunteer their time and talents for this cause. One or two interns will travel to the order for filming. All interns receive training to ensure competence and excellence in their videography capabilities and will use top-of-the-line equipment provided by Values Outreach.


What is the Production Timeline?

  1. The order submits a digital resource application.

  2. A Values Outreach team member will reach out to them within 1-3 days to set up a phone call. During this call, the Values Outreach team member and the community member will discuss a possible date for filming and any questions the order may have about filming.

  3. Once a date for filming is set, Values Outreach will coordinate the travel plans for the videography intern. These details will be sent to the religious order along with the name, picture, and contact information of the videography intern.

  4. The videography intern will arrive on the agreed upon date for a two-night stay with the religious community.

  5. During their time with the community, the intern will follow the schedule according to the kind of video(s) the community has requested (see below).

  6. After their stay is complete, the intern will create a draft of the video. This draft will be sent to the community who will then be able to suggest any changes.

  7. Once the community is pleased with the video, the community will sign a media release and the video(s) will be published on the Values Outreach YouTube channel. The community can then use the video(s) for any purposes.


What is the schedule like during filming?

Videography interns will travel to a religious order for a two-night stay.

Day 1

Arrival; Filming and/or Photography as time allows.

Day 2

Day in the Life: Intern follows and films the selected community member throughout their entire day. At some point during this day, the intern will interview the community member for about 25 minutes.

Vocation Story Collection: Intern will film interviews back-to-back until all chosen community members have been filmed.

Day 3

Filming and/or Photography as time allows; Departure.


Is there a time of week that is best for filming?

Most filming would ideally take place on a Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday trip. This may vary if there is a certain feast day the order would like to film/photograph or if the community has an apostolate that requires filming during the week (ex: a school).


Is there anything the order needs to provide to receive a video?

The order will only be responsible for the food, housing, and transportation from the airport (if applicable) for the intern while they are with the community.


Can the community provide input on what is included in the video?

Yes, absolutely. This service is truly meant to serve the participating religious community so the community has the ultimate say on what is included in any video. All videos will follow the same general structure, but this can be adapted to emphasize or include any particular aspects the community would like.

Once the videography intern has completed a draft of the video, they will send it to the community for approval. The community can make any corrections at that time and the video will not be released until the order has given their final approval.


How long will the video be?

Day in the Life: The video length can vary between 6-13 minutes. This depends on the preference of the order as well as how much content is gathered from the interview with the individual on film.

Vocation Story Collection: Vocation story videos will be between 1-10 minutes long, depending on community preference.


How are people chosen to go on film?

The superiors of the religious order choose which community member(s) they’d like to have filmed. Many orders select younger members of their community so as to better relate to a younger audience.


Can a community receive both a Day in the Life video and a Vocation Story Collection?

Yes, we are happy to provide any religious community with as many resources as we offer. Filming more than one kind of video may require a longer stay for the videography intern(s), but we are happy to discuss this to accommodate additional filming.


How is the video paid for?

The video is paid for by donation. Learn more about donating here.


Can a community request a kind video that is not listed on the videography page?

Values Outreach is here to serve religious orders and, as such, we are happy to try to accommodate special requests for communities. If you are interested in a kind of video different from what we have posted, please email info@valuesoutreach.org with your request and we will gladly set up a time to talk with you about how we can best serve your community.


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