Spirituality Boxes

The best and most convenient way to learn about the Church’s major spiritualities


If you’re feeling drawn towards religious life, one of the most overwhelming parts of discernment can be determining which religious community could be a good fit for you. With hundreds of options, it can be hard to know where to start.

To help with this, Values Outreach has partnered with Saint of the Month to bring you “Spirituality Boxes”. Each box contains books, readings, prayers, and themed gifts all centered around one major religious spirituality.

Learning about the most prominent and influential spiritualities in the Catholic Church can help you discern what kind of spirituality you have and can help narrow your search for religious communities. Every box is meant to help you understand a given spirituality in a way that is fun and informative. Contents include information about the founder of the order, saints of the order, and the pillars of the order’s spirituality.

Boxes are normally listed at $35.99, but use the code VALUESOUTREACH19 to get your box for $10.00 today!


CARMELITE BOX- coming soon!

BENEDICTINE BOX- coming soon!

FRANCISCAN BOX- coming soon!


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