Promoting vocations on a diocesan level


As a source of authority and guidance for Catholics in a given area, dioceses have an incredible potential to foster vocations to religious life. Thankfully, many dioceses have a vocations office geared towards young men discerning the diocesan priesthood. Values Outreach aims to help dioceses continue this good work of reaching out to discerners by providing resources to aid men and women discerning consecrated religious life.

Read more below about the resources Values Outreach can provide your diocese to help you foster religious vocations. Click on the blue title links to read more about a particular program.

Mentorship Program

This program can connect young adults in your diocese with professed religious who can act as mentors while they go through online formation meant to help them deepen their spirituality and understanding of religious life. As a diocese, you can make the most of this program by:

  1. Contacting religious in your diocese who are willing to become mentors in our program.

Discerners are often paired with religious who are not based in their home diocese, so all communication must be long-distance. The benefit of a locally based mentor is that we can intentionally pair any program applicants from your diocese with a religious from your diocese, allowing your discerners to meet their mentors in person. Not only will this help foster a relationship between the mentor and discerner, but it will also create a valuable connection for your diocese that will help future discerners.
  1. Talk to clergy in your diocese and ask them to encourage any young adults who they know are discerning to apply for the mentorship program.

Online Resource Page

One of the most valuable ways that dioceses assist discerners is by connecting them to the resources they need to discern well. Values Outreach has created and compiled an extensive collection of discernment materials crafted to aid your discerners on their journey. As a diocese, you can connect your discerners to these resources by:

  1. Ordering resource cards or stickers for parishes and schools in your diocese.

  2. Providing a link to our website on your diocesan site.

  3. Encouraging parishes to consistently run one of our Values Outreach ads in their weekly bulletins.

  4. Sharing posts on diocesan social media encouraging them to follow @valuesoutreach. View our accounts here: YouTube | Instagram | Facebook

Teachers & Catechists Resource Page

When it comes to fostering religious vocations, dioceses have an incredible opportunity to partner with their educators and catechists to plant seeds during the formative years of life.

Values Outreach provides a variety of resources geared towards teenagers and young adults that help teachers educate their students on vocation and religious life. As a diocese, you can make the most of this resource by encouraging your educators and catechists to use our listed video assignments and lesson plans.

Videography & Photography Services

Because of the technology available today, connecting individuals discerning the religious life with a host of religious communities is now easier than ever. If there are religious communities based in your diocese, Values Outreach can help to raise awareness and promote vocations for these communities by offering our free videography and photography services, which are available to all religious orders in the United States. 

As a diocese, you can make the most of this resource by encouraging local religious orders to participate in our “Day in the Life” series. After filming and editing are complete, the order will receive a free copy of their video and we will also post it on our YouTube channel. This kind of video is easy to share on social media and is a great way to raise awareness of religious present in your diocese.

Watch a sample video from the Day in the Life series here.

Have questions about how Values Outreach can help foster vocations within your diocese? 

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