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Values Outreach is an outreach of the Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Our goals are:

  • To give religious orders access to the digital resources they need to promote vocations to their communities. 

We are interested in serving religious communities in good standing with the Catholic Church by providing them with free videography and photography services. Any religious order we work with is guaranteed a professional product, created in a timely manner, with minimal inconvenience to the community. We are also committed to providing additional marketing for orders who work with us by promoting their videos and photos on Values Outreach platforms.

  • To create and compile resources ideal for young people discerning religious life 

Values Outreach is responsible for the creation of multiple types of vocation videos. Any person who is discerning religious life will find a wide variety of perspectives offered from 50+ communities who have participated in our videos. Our team also manages our mentorship program, which pairs discerners with professed religious who can aid them in their discernment. In addition to the resources Values Outreach creates, our website also has links to additional resources such as readings, movies, and retreats to aid young people going through the discernment process.

  • To compile resources for those teaching about religious life and working to promote vocations

Our team has created and compiled a variety of resources to teach young people about religious life. Any teacher, catechist, or parent using our videos or listed resources for educational purposes can be confident that they will help teach young people about religious life in an engaging way. We can also guarantee they are simple and easy to use.

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